A Brief History of the Avocado

The avocado was being enjoyed by human civilization at least as far back as its discovery in Mexico in 291 BC. The Aztecs partook of it as both a food and an aphrodisiac. However, when the Spanish first came to the continent, they dismissed the curious fruit as tasteless.

Avocados would not be cultivated in the United States until about 1833. Even then, it was only seen in small groves in Florida. It would not be until the early twentieth century that the fruit became commercially available. At first, it was only eaten by the residents of Florida, California, and Hawaii, where the fruit was grown. It was popularized as a salad item at some point in the 1950’s, at which point it finally made its way throughout most of the country. Conditions were finally right for Japanese sushi chefs in California to first use avocado in sushi by inventing the first California roll.

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