Chef Taneda

Chef Hideaki Taneda

Seattle Japanese Restaurant

Chef Taneda’s career began at the Miyazaki Culinary School in Miyazaki, Japan at the young age of 16.

“I loved everything about cooking,” Chef Taneda explained. “I couldn’t hide my excitement about the magic that was happening in the kitchen. The cooks took me under their wings and I was able to absorb all the knowledge that was passed down to me.”

Cooking quickly became his passion and direction. After graduation, he furthered his cooking abilities at the Kaiseki Sanei in Tokyo for seven years. Shortly after, he became the Sous Chef at City Crab of Tokyo in Aoyama, Tokyo. His clientele ranged anywhere from a normal Joe to the diplomats from around the world. As his talents were honed, his focus was pointed towards Edomae Sushi with Kaiseki style, fields that only a few chefs can master.

As his experience grew, he moved to become the Executive chef of World Cruise Ship so that he would be able to travel the world and be inspired by the cuisines of the world.

Seattle Japanese RestaurantIn 2003, he decided to move to the United States with his family, including his two lovely children. He became the executive chef at I Love Sushi on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. His dream as a Japanese chef is to design the dishes that inspire and inform American food lovers of the beauty of Japanese cuisine.

Currently, he is focused on adding dishes that are healthier and made for anyone to eat, even with gluten or other food allergies. He has been scouring the local community for fresh ingredients to use in preparation for these creations. His goal is to balance the authentic and modern styles of Japanese cuisine.