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What is Ponzu Sauce?

The word “ponzu” is a combination of “pons”, a word borrowed by the Japanese from the Dutch word for “punch”, and “su”, the Japanese word for vinegar. This sauce is therefore literally “vinegar punch”. It is a popular Japanese condiment that is akin to soy sauce in the sense that it is made with a fermented soy base, frequently mixed with bonito flakes.

It also shares the watery consistency and the dark brown coloration of the more familiar soy sauce. However, it is greatly different in taste; ponzu is characteristic of a tart, acidic flavor derived from the citrus juice used in its creation.

In Japan, ponzu is used as a marinade, a glaze for meats, a salad dressing, and even a dipping sauce for appetizers. At our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, you can experience the great taste of this classic sauce with our grilled asparagus and shiitake mushroom plate, our sashimi roll, our hamachi kama, our ankimo, and more. Come and try it out at I Love Sushi on Lake Union today!

Eat More Tuna!

There was a time when tuna was everyone’s favorite fish. Unfortunately, in recent years, it has lost its seat as the nation’s top choice for seafood to the lowly shrimp. This is, in a big part, due to the bad press that arose around the discovery of an unfortunate mercury content in certain cans of tuna. However, our Japanese restaurant in Seattle wants to remind you of the many great health benefits of the amazing tuna fish.

Tuna is one of the fatty fish. This probably sounds bad, but it actually means that it is a superior source of the crucial omega-3 fatty acids that keep your circulation system healthy. It is also stuffed with nutritious, low-cholesterol protein, providing you with twenty-five grams of protein in three ounces of fish. Further, it’s a good source of valuable nutrients like phosphorus, vitamin B12, niacin, and selenium. These help you by stabilizing your blood sugar, reinforcing your immune system, and eliminating carcinogenic chemicals from your body. Ultimately, the benefits of a low-mercury serving of tuna far outweigh the possible drawbacks. Come and indulge in tuna again with our spicy tuna roll, our tuna sashimi, and much, much more!