Christmas Gifts in Japan

Though Christmas is not an official national holiday in Japan, it is still a significant and widely celebrated occasion. Only about two percent of the population practices Christianity, so it’s more of a secular celebration than a religious one. However, most of the Japanese recognize it as a time to get together, exchange gifts, and spread joy among their family and loved ones.

Among families, the parents will often buy gifts for their young children, but not vice versa. The idea is that Santa Claus is the only one bringing the gifts, so they will continue to maintain this tradition for as long as the children are young enough. Meanwhile, couples are known to treat the day in largely the same way they might treat Valentine’s Day or White Day. It is a romantic time, one for sharing a walk through the light-studded streets and a meal at a fancy restaurant, and then exchanging gifts. The quality of the gift that a young woman receives from her boyfriend is very important to her, and indicative of the quality of her relationship.

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