Coming of Age in Japan

In the second Monday of every year, as Japan’s lavish New Year’s celebration winds down, another important national holiday is recognized. This is Seijin no Hi, the Coming of Age Day. It is on this day that municipal governments acknowledge all of the twenty-year-old Japanese.

To the Japanese, the age of twenty is when you are legally recognized as an adult. You are given new legal rights, and also new responsibilities. City governments therefore hold a coming of age ceremony to celebrate the emerging adults and encourage them to become self-sufficient, productive members of society.

Since twenty is also the legal drinking age in Japan, many young people will follow the coming of age ceremony with parties and drinking. When you yourself need a special place to share a celebratory drink, consider dropping in to our Japanese restaurant in Seattle for happy hour. We offer a quality selection of Japanese draft beers, wine, and sake to mark all of your important occasions.