Dashing Agedashi

A lot of people in the United States don’t esteem tofu terribly highly.  However, this dish is an ancient favorite that has been honed to a culinary art form.  At I Love Sushi’s Seattle restaurant, you can enjoy some fascinating tofu confections, including the agedashi tofu.  This is a hearty tofu treat that can win over even the most skeptical diner.

Agedashi is a popular tofu dish that traces its origins back hundreds of years.  A cookbook from as far back as 1782 gives us our earliest known recipe for its preparation.  The common agedashi comes dusted with a potato or corn starch, deep fried to a golden-brown.  This is topped with chopped onions and served in a hot sauce made out of soup stock, rice wine, and soy sauce.  The end result is so hearty and flavorful, you may just forget that it isn’t meat.  Try it out at I Love Sushi today!