Every Day is a Good Day for Sushi!

Some people will tell you that you should never go out for sushi on a Sunday or Monday, reasoning that these are the days when no fresh fish is coming in. This can seem like a sound enough logic; after all, nobody wants to eat fish that isn’t fresh. However, don’t let this idea keep you from enjoying your favorite sushi at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle on any day of the week.

The truth is that, even when a sushi restaurant isn’t getting new fish every day, it can still put out fish at the peak of its quality. The notion that fish needs to be absolutely fresh to be at its best is a common misconception, as many fish actually benefit from being aged a day or two before being served. Further, the strict standards that sushi restaurants are held to assure that no chef is going to serve you fish that has gone bad. So come down to I Love Sushi whenever the inkling strikes you; you’re sure to get a quality sushi meal!