Fish vs. Flax: Which is the Better Source of Omega-3?

You generally have two significant options when it comes to your all-important omega-3 requirements: fish or flax seed. Fish are, of course, the favored source here at I Love Sushi’s Seattle restaurant. After all, not only are fish a big part of our dining experience, but there are some important health implications of choosing fish over flax as well.

There are two important drawbacks of the omega-3 that you get from flax seed. First of all, flax and other vegetables only contain a variety of fatty acid known as ALA. Your body needs EPA and DHA fatty acids, like the ones found in fish. You can still benefit from ALA fatty acids, but only after your body converts them into EPA or DHA. Your system therefore needs to work harder to benefit from flax seed, which is less than ideal.

Secondly, some scientific evidence has suggested that flax is a risk factor for prostate cancer. More needs to be known about the topic, but men may wish to stick with fish until more research can be done. Until such a time, you can always get all the healthy omega-3 you need at I Love Sushi!