Healthy Soy Sauce?

There’s a reason that soy sauce is such a quintessential part of our Seattle Japanese restaurant and other such places.  It’s got a great seasoning power that goes well with many Asian meals.  But what most people don’t know is that soy sauce is actually a fairly healthy part of your diet.

Indeed, as soy sauce is a product of soy fermentation, it inherits some of the amazing benefits shared by the miso from which it springs.  So keep these in mind when you next reach for your favorite murky condiment:

  • Less Sodium than Salt: It is true that soy sauce has a high sodium content, but, considering its strong taste, you can actually come out ahead by using a small splash of soy sauce instead of an equal degree of salt.

  • Niacin: Vitamin B3, or niacin, is found in soy sauce.  This nutrient is good for promoting the health of your heart, skin, nerves, and digestive system.

  • Tryptophan: A single teaspoon of soy sauce contains almost ten percent of your daily recommended value of tryptophan.  This nutrient is used to produce serotonin, which fosters restful sleep and a better, more stable mood.

  • Manganese: This nutrient, present in trace amounts in soy sauce, is used in the production of connective tissue and can act as an antioxidant to battle free radicals in your system.