How Do I Eat Sushi?

If you’re a first time sushi eater at our Seattle Japanese restaurant, you may find yourself baffled by your food. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as many novices will look down at their first plate of rolls and ask, “How am I supposed to eat this?” If you’re in such a position, just keep the following tips in mind and you’ll do fine.

First of all, it’s generally a good idea to try to get a single piece of sushi in one bite. Not only does this give you the full effect of its flavors, but it prevents the sushi from falling apart on your plate.

As far as your utensils go, sushi is commonly eaten with either chopsticks or your fingers. Those who are not adept with chopsticks might want to look for sushi that isn’t covered in sauces or sticky roe. Some people can employ a fork to decent effect, though this can cause certain sushi to break apart before it reaches your mouth.

When you are served sushi, you will generally have a small plate or bowl available. This is for you to prepare your soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger. Many people will mix soy sauce with wasabi (don’t use too much!) and use it as a dip for their sushi. Try not to use too much soy sauce, as it can overpower the taste of the sushi and break down the rice that holds the sushi together. In Japan, an overuse of soy sauce can even be seen as an insult to the sushi chef. Experiment with how much soy sauce and wasabi you like on your sushi, and use the ginger between bites; it’s there to cleanse your palate.