How to Use Chopsticks

Many sushi rolls don’t respond too well to silverware, and just as many are too messy to be treated as finger food. This is where skills with the chopsticks become valuable. If you’ve never tried eating with chopsticks, and would like to fully immerse yourself in your Japanese dining experience on your next visit to our Seattle sushi restaurant, try following these simple steps:

First, you’ll need to pick up your sticks so that you can grip with them properly. One should be held more or less like you would a pen, with the second one laying across your middle finger and thumb. You should be able to bring the tips of the sticks together at an angle, so as to get a proper hold on your food.

Practice grabbing food and bringing it to your mouth, holding your head over your plate in case you drop anything. If you find yourself dropping a lot of food, try adjusting your grip; you might be holding your sticks too close to the tips. It takes a little time to acquire the proper manual dexterity, but soon enough you should be eating sushi like a true pro!