In Defense of White Rice

You’ve probably gotten a lot of the buzz that has been surrounding brown rice these past years. It’s often heralded as a far healthier alternative to the more common white rice. With this in mind, can you still feel good about eating the white rice served at our Seattle Japanese restaurant?

The simple answer is that yes, you can. White rice has plenty to offer as well, including a few nutrients that are not found in brown rice. What makes brown rice special is that, since the brown-colored bran isn’t removed from the grain, it contains more fiber than what is found in white rice. White rice is instead heavier on carbohydrates, which is something to take care with for anyone who has trouble controlling blood sugar levels, but can otherwise be a perfectly healthy part of your diet.

Where white rice wins out is in its fortification. Not only are many of the nutrients that are lost during processing returned to the grains, but they are additionally fortified with iron and several important B vitamins. So don’t let the hype turn you off to this important staple grain; come down to I Love Sushi and dig into some rice!