Japan’s Kentucky for Christmas

For American expats living in Japan, the holiday season could be a frustrating time. Separated from their families during one of the most family-oriented times of the year, a familiar Christmas meal can be a comforting thing. Unfortunately, the traditional turkey is nearly impossible to find.

Back in the seventies, many foreigners turned to fried chicken as a substitute. Japan’s Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants picked up on this trend, and in 1974 launched their first “Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii”, or “Kentucky for Christmas” campaign. They offered their customers a special Christmas chicken meal, specifically to cater to homesick expats. The Japanese soon took to this tradition, and today you can see people lining up out the door for a bucket of chicken, Christmas cake, and even champagne. Many people even order their bucket months in advance to avoid the lines!

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