Japan’s New Buttery Sushi

Sushi has been made with a wide variety of ingredients throughout the years. The avid sushi fan, accustomed to a menu of exotic items, may think that sushi has no surprises left. However, it was only recently that a restaurant in Japan has unveiled a fresh idea, one that makes use of a surprisingly mundane component: butter.

This sushi is the brainchild of Jinen, a sushi restaurant in Osaka. It comes in the form of a familiar unagi nigiri sushi with a small pat of butter strapped onto the top with a strip of nori. Strange as it may sound, it is evidently being received quite well with Jinen’s regulars. Diners describe the buttery sushi as a melt-in-your-mouth experience, saying “I could eat this every day!” in online reviews. With its popularity, it’s not impossible to think that it could catch fire throughout Japan, and maybe even start to show up in sushi restaurants here in the United States. Until such a time, you can always enjoy the great taste of unadorned unagi sushi at I Love Sushi in Seattle.