Love Brunch at Seattle Sushi Restaurant

Who loves Brunch?

Brunch is your breakfast and lunch put together, and no, it’s not the combined foods you otherwise would have eaten at both appointed hours of the day. It’s only what items you decide to eat at a late hour, generally between late morning til about 2pm. Brunch foods are usually egg dishes, french toast, pancakes, salads, roasted meats, and seafoods, among others. Many restaurants and hotels serve this meal type during weekends or special holidays.

We, at I Love Sushi in Seattle, love to accommodate the late risers on the weekends and holidays. We know people prefer to sleep late after the toil of the week and to have somewhere to go to to grab a bite past breakfast time. Our place is just the spot to spend a leisurely meal time on classic Japanese fare.

What’s for Brunch at Seattle Sushi?

I Love Sushi, our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, offers a Brunch Special until 2:30pm. We offer three different sets of brunch menus. One is our popular Brunch Gozen, a traditional set of two dishes , one choice from the sushi bar and one cooked meal of fish or meat from the kitchen. It comes with seaweed salad and choice of miso soup. This choice should make your day even if it’s your first meal of the day.

Two other brunch meals is the Bara Chirashi, a mix of diced fresh fish and vegetables atop sushi rice served with miso soup, and the Nabeyaki Udon with king crab, a hot udon noodle in a clay pot. Either preference is a delicious first meal treat of the day. Love our brunch at I Love Sushi.