What makes the Best Fish for Sushi?

Top Fish that make Best Sushi

Here are some fish varieties that always make the best cut for sushi, only when really fresh.
Bluefin tuna makes the most popular sushi. The part called o-toro is the fattiest in the belly, very pale pink, and just melts in the mouth. The chu-toro is marbled pink and buttery in flavor, also from the fish’s belly. If it’s red meat, it’s called akami. Another top choice is the blue-eye tuna, chunkier and milder in taste than bluefin. The smaller tuna, called the yellowfin, ranges in color from pink to reddish. For its size, texture is firm, but flavor is mild.

Another fish that makes a good cut is the tai, or red snapper. Its meat is white and the taste mild. The Japanese yellowfin or the hamachi is an oily variety but with a biting flavor. And then, there’s the salmon, most priced for taste and texture and lovely orange to deep red color.
However, fish isn’t always what’s in your sushi, you know. There are other accompaniments.

Maki and Nigiri make Best Sushi at Seattle Sushi

Good news is, that our Seattle Japanese restaurant offers the top fish choices above and many more. Enjoy our other maki sushi with shrimp tempura, soft-shelled crab, broiled eel, scallop, and lobster tail. Many of them are rolled with veggies, salad, or fruit. Our nigiri sushi are also most requested – mackerel, shellfish, eel and urchin.

It’s the combination of flavors and textures – the crunch and the bite, the sweet and the sour, and a whole cornucopia of differing tastes that make sushi that great a dining adventure. Only here at I Love Sushi in Seattle.