The Merits of the Amaebi

Do you like shrimp? At our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, you can enjoy both the conventional ebi shrimp and the amaebi sweet shrimp. This latter taste is a little bit special among the sushi world, noteworthy for its great taste, nutritional value, and environmental friendliness.

Amaebi is a species of shrimp found off of the Pacific coast of Canada. What makes this shrimp stand out among other shrimp is the fact that it is the one species that is best served raw. The amaebi has a delightfully sweet taste that is easily affected by the cooking process, so enjoying it in sushi form is a great way to get the best of it. Additionally, amaebi are recognized as having healthy, sustainable populations in the wild, so green-minded sushi customers would do well to favor this variety of seafood.