The Omakase Experience: Hefty and Heavenly

Know Before You Go Omakase

When you say omakase – from the Japanese for “entrust” and used to mean “chef’s choice,” you are actually saying to your chef: “I will leave it to you,” It is a fine tradition at Japanese eating places that allows the chef to let his creative juices flow in making your dish. “Omakase!” is trusting your chef and at the same time hoping you will have a great dining experience.

You must know a few things before you try the experience. Firstly, know your restaurant. Does it always have fresh ingredients in stock everyday? Because you can trust easily, if so. Not all, but most large or chain restaurants or other restaurants with limited ingredients may not do omakase to your liking. Small, intimate restaurants may have the culture of omakase. They have counter seats and an open kitchen. It is best if you have a seat next to the chef.

It’s possible to get a conversation going with your chef. A small social interaction can benefit your dish. Your chef may even explain to you his creation and tell you why he is choosing certain ingredients over others. If he agrees, you can snap a few photos of him while working your dish. Just be careful with personal questions. Some may indulge you.

If you have dietary restrictions, omakase might not be for you. It is not polite to instruct your chef what and what not to put into your dish. It is not how it works. You can’t even ask what you’ll get. The polite thing to do is to eat your dish when the chef offers it.

At the end of the meal, you’ll get a slip of paper that indicates what they’re charging you for your omakase, drinks included. Do not ask for an itemized bill, it is not to be considered an expense, but a request for a wonderful meal. The price may be hefty but its value is immeasurable.

A great omakase experience gets you the most perfect seafood available at that time of year, fish that will be handled carefully and respectfully. You will get to see the training of the dedicated staff, the precision of their work, their incredible concentration for hours at a time, their lack of pretense.

Dining Omakase in Seattle

Dine with us at I Love Sushi in Seattle for an exquisite omakase experience. Trust you will love our chef’s creations at their best. Be ready and expect to be amazed.