What is Omakase?

When you come to our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, you have the option of ordering sashimi or nigiri sushi omakase-style. When you do this, you’ll get the featured fish of the day, served up with a delicious manila clam miso soup. But what does “omakase” mean, exactly?

In Japanese, “omakase” translates to “entrust” or “protect”. In a restaurant, the person you are putting your trust to is the chef. The Japanese use this term to tell their chef to prepare whatever sashimi they feel like preparing. It’s a bit of a gamble, but many people find it worthwhile because they’re generally getting the best quality fish for a lower price than they would get if they had ordered it a la carte. Not many sushi restaurants offer a real omakase experience, so come and give it a try at I Love Sushi!