Sushi Catering? Choose I Love Sushi in Seattle

Only trust Sushi-grade Seafood

The serving of raw, uncooked fish and other seafoods is a very delicate business. That is why care and experience are vital components in the Japanese hospitality industry. Japanese restaurants are keen on only trained and experience personnel to handle fresh stocks, their sources of sea catch coming only from reputable vendors, apart from keeping their environs clean and pest-free.

Catering Japanese style also requires strict adherence to best practices in the storage, transport, handling and preparation of the delicacies to be served. Such is also the philosophy embraced by your premier Japanese caterer in Seattle. I Love Sushi submits to the highest standards of food safety and the use of high-grade sushi quality.

Catering Masters of Sushi

We at I Love Sushi in Seattle have been catering for years, delighting our customers and diners with the great quality, freshness, and taste of our offerings. We bring the same standards of our in-restaurant menu to the site of catering where you have chosen to entertain your guests. You can even hire your own private chef from our retinue of qualified chefs to excite your guests with our chef’s crafting skills and presentations.

We are Seattle’s premier sushi caterer. We ensure the safety and freshness of our sushi and sashimi dishes with proper storage, controlled temperatures, correct handling and transport, and the best of hygienic practices, from our hands to your plate.