Sushi Cupcakes Become a Reality

There are many fun ways to indulge in sushi, and Japan just seems to come out with more all the time. One of the latest innovations from the sushi chefs across the sea is sushi cupcakes, coming in the form of colorful, cupcake-shaped sushi. The chef starts with a piece of temari sushi, made from a small ball of sushi rice topped with fish and other ingredients. These are then placed inside a cup of dried nori seaweed, which resemble typical paper cupcake cups. Entirely edible, the cups can be popped in your mouth along with the rest of the sushi.

Part of the fun of sushi cupcakes is the artistry that goes into making them. People who dabble in the sushi arts can order up a set of nori cups online to experiment with their own cupcake creations.

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