Sushi in Today’s Lifestyle: To-go and Take-out

Too Busy to Cook

The American lifestyle in this day and age make sometimes unreasonable demands on home cooking. Not what it used to be, cooking home meals are becoming challenging jobs for the already harassed worker, student, or even a regular mom. With the burgeoning of eating spots all over the place, eating out is becoming a more attractive option. When it comes to Japanese cuisine, a craving hard to put down, restaurant-standard cooking in the home is no easy task. Thank heavens for take-out and online delivery!

Taking Restaurant-Standard Meals at Home

I Love Sushi in Seattle meets customer anticipation for our well-loved sushi, sashimi, and other delights by providing take-outs and online deliveries. If after your lunch or dinner, or if just passing through, order a take-out you can enjoy at home or your workplace.

For your delivery needs, order online via EAT24 website or via grubHub by just clicking on the icons found on our delivery page.

Our advice: to ensure the best quality and safety, please keep the food cold and consume within 2 hours.