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The History of Rice

Have you ever wondered about the origins of our relationship with rice? From ancient times to our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, this versatile and nutritious grain is undoubtedly the most important food ever cultivated by mankind. It has been a primary source of sustenance for more people over a longer period of time than any other food in history.

Mankind has been living off of rice for thousands of years. The earliest known record of rice being cultivated by people goes back to 2500 BC in ancient China. It spread throughout the world from there, its great versatility as a crop proving to be a boon everywhere it went. It could be grown in anything from dry deserts to sodden wetlands, and its nutritional value made it a staple throughout Asia and the Mediterranean. Today, the grain is grown on every continent on Earth except for Antarctica. Come take a taste of this ancient tradition at I Love Sushi in Seattle!

Poke: Hawaiian-Style Sushi

Japan isn’t the only culture with traditional dishes made from raw fish.  If you’re looking for something different at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, try ordering up a dish of seafood poke.  This cold dish represents a Hawaiian equivalent of the more recognizable Japanese sashimi.
The Hawaiian word “poke”, pronounced “POH-kay”, translates to “cut”.  The dish is comprised of seafood that has been sliced into small pieces, usually cubes, and coated with seasonings like green onions, kukui nut relish, soy sauce, seaweed, and more.  Poke is one of the few of Hawaii’s traditional dishes that has been embraced outside of Hawaii itself.  Check it out for yourself at I Love Sushi!