The Taste of Tamago

How do you tell if your sushi chef has the skills to give you a proper sushi experience? If you were a Japanese diner back in the day, you would test your chef by first ordering up a piece of tamago nigiri, like the kind available at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle.

The tamago is an unusual sushi selection, coming in the form of a Japanese omelette. This omelette mixes the egg of a chicken with ingredients that may include sugar, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and occasionally even sake. This gives it a distinctively sweet taste that many people love. The chef would spread these ingredients out into a wafer thin sheet, and then fold it over upon itself many times over to give it a flaky, flavorful consistency. Making a tamago the traditional way was considered a very tricky process, so a well-crafted tamago was seen as the hallmark of a skilled sushi chef. Try the taste of tamago yourself at I Love Sushi!