Tataki Salad

Tataki is a Japanese term that translates to “pounded”. It is used to describe a special type of preparation used for fish and meat, describing the ginger condiment which was historically pounded with a mortar. The food prepared in this way are seared quickly on the outside and then marinated in rice vinegar, then sliced thin for serving.

Tataki cooking originated on the Japanese island of Shikoku. This was the first port of entry for many of the early foreigners who visited the country. Visitors from Europe introduced the concept of grilling meats and fish, and a 16th century swordsman by the name of Sakomoto Ryoma is credited with inventing Tataki.

At our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, you can enjoy a tataki salad made with your choice of tuna fish, albacore tuna, or salmon. Experience this classic taste at I Love Sushi today!