The Amazing Powers of Miso

Have you ever had miso soup?

To many it’s a charming little side dish with bits of tofu and seaweed, which also has many nutrients and health benefits, probably enjoyed while you’re waiting for the real food to come out at our Seattle sushi restaurant. You might have casually sipped your way through hundreds of bowls of this brothy concoction, never once suspecting just how amazingly healthy it is for you. In truth, miso may be the greatest health secret Japan has to offer.

A big part of miso’s value is the fermented soy it is made from. Though soy products have for a long time enjoyed a good reputation, in recent years it has come to light that it is strictly the fermented soy products that offer such incredible benefits.

Health Benefits of Miso

Now it seems that it may be Japan’s high consumption of miso that is responsible for their low rates of heart disease, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

The list of health benefits doesn’t end there. Miso is packed with valuable nutrients that can boost your immune system, preserve healthy skin, fight aging, and even protect you against the harmful effects of radiation. Though its sodium level is generally high, it has even been shown to lower the blood pressure of salt-sensitive individuals battling hypertension. If sodium is an issue, keep an eye out for low-sodium miso in your grocery stores and markets.

So come to I Love Sushi, and start making miso soup a regular part of your diet. You won’t believe how delicious it can be to slurp your way to excellent health!