The Health Benefits of Shrimp

If you’re a fan of shrimp, then you have a friend in our Seattle sushi restaurant. Shrimp, or ebi, can be found in all sorts of rolls, nigiri, and tempura selections. Of course you might want to enjoy your shrimp sparingly, considering it’s high cholesterol levels, right? Wrong! The truth is that shrimp-lovers can generally indulge in their favorite decapods guilt-free, in spite of the cholesterol that they may contain.

The important thing about shrimp is that they are low in fat. This means that they will not have quite the impact on your cholesterol levels that fattier meats will. For most people, it would be advisable to partake of the high levels of protein and iron found in shrimp while sparing yourself the fat content of many other animals.

Meanwhile, shrimp is also loaded with a lot of other important nutrients. Vitamin B12 promotes the production of blood cells, copper maintains the health of your thyroid, zinc helps prevent prostate cancer, and, of course, omega-3 fatty acids are doing their part to clear up your blood stream. Talk to your doctor about how shrimp can be a healthy part of your low-cholesterol diet, and get your next fix at I Love Sushi’s Japanese Restaurant in Seattle!