The Healthfulness of Sushi

Many customers of I Love Sushi, a Japanese restaurant in Seattle, will agree that sushi is one of the lighter and more healthful gourmet foods available. Each unique roll has its own nutritional profile, but let’s take a look at the benefits of the three main ingredients in sushi:

Fish, rightly regarded as one of the most perfect protein sources on the planet, is a complete protein (i.e. it contains the full range of essential amino acids) with a significant amount of essential fatty acids, such as the omega-3s that are believed to improve cardiovascular health.

Rice is a natural and unprocessed carbohydrate, which, when eaten in moderation, gives your body an appropriate amount of usable energy, along with a respectable quantity of fiber for digestive health and proper blood glucose levels.

Nori, the paper-thin sheet of dehydrated seaweed wrapped in or around most rolls, is packed with vitamins C and A. Relative to its weight, it also contains a great deal of fiber.

If you’re looking for fresh, light foods to help you maintain a healthful lifestyle, then our Seattle Japanese restaurant suggests you try one (or a few!) of our popular sushi plates. Come visit us on South Lake Union today!