The Many Benefits of Salmon

Here in the Northwest, there’s one fish that stands out among all others: the salmon. This fish is a delicious favorite far and wide, and a common sight here at I Love Sushi. At our Seattle restaurant, you can find it in the form of our salmon sushi, our salmon teriyaki, our salmon sashimi, salmon roe, and many other enticing options. Order up some for yourself to indulge in the fantastic taste that is nutritious as it is mouth-watering!

In truth, salmon is one of the healthier foods that you can treat your body to. Being both a fatty fish and a fairly low rung on the food chain, it comes with a high dose of important omega-3 fatty acids while exposing you to a relatively low high mercury content. Salmon is also a lean source of protein and a great supply of many significant nutrients; a single four ounce serving of salmon gives you more than your entire daily requirement of vitamin D, as well as 50% of your requirement of vitamins B2 and B12. Make salmon a bigger part of your life today with I Love Sushi!