The Raw Power of Udon

Come to our Seattle Japanese restaurant for lunch to try one of our delicious udon sets. These wheat noodles are one of the more recognizable from the Japanese pasta tradition, one which is highly distinct from our more familiar, western varieties. Thick and hearty, udon is an ancient favorite high-energy meal.

What makes udon so special is its easy digestibility. Studies have shown that these noodles digest far more quickly than other pastas, and a full three times faster than beef. This has a number of beneficial effects; first of all, easy digestion means that you don’t have blood rushing to your stomach. This allows heat to stay in your extremities, which contributes to the dish’s popularity during the cold weather months. Further, udon boasts a high degree of complex carbohydrates that have been shown to produce a long-lasting body heat. This makes it a good choice for people suffering from the flu, who need a sustained burst of energy that doesn’t take blood away from the places it is needed.

Try this Japanese favorite for yourself at I Love Sushi!