The Shortcomings of Supermarket Sushi

Some of the easiest sushi to get your hands on comes from the supermarket, and so this is where a lot of people get their first sushi meal.  This is unfortunate, as supermarket sushi is a poor reflection of proper sushi, like the varieties you can find at a place like I Love Sushi’s Seattle restaurant.


There is no substitute for fresh sushi, and supermarket sushi rarely has the benefit of being made fresh.  After all, it has to endure sitting on the shelf for longer than raw fish can safely endure.  This is why you’ll generally find only cucumber rolls and California rolls with imitation crab at your market, prepared with dried and processed nori that has lost much of its taste and nutrition.

When you get fresh sushi at a restaurant, you’ll enjoy a better selection and superior ingredients.  So if you need to give sushi another chance, get down to I Love Sushi; we’ll serve it up right for you!