The Superior Safety of Restaurant Sushi

Last year, a lot of people were talking about salmonella. This is a disease that results in 19,000 hospitalizations and about 380 deaths in the United States every year. In 2015, there were an unfortunate number of cases linked to a shipment of sushi tuna. Fully eleven people who ate sushi made from this tainted shipment were sent to the hospital with severe symptoms.

The big takeaway from these stories should be the importance of getting your sushi from a reliable restaurant. When you look at the sources of the tainted sushi, you can see that they were all grocery stores and workplace cafeterias. While these places will be safe a vast majority of the time, they are more prone to having their raw fish sit out for extended periods of time.

When you go to a sushi restaurant like I Love Sushi in Seattle, not only are you getting a better taste out of your sushi, but you’re also benefiting from the best sanitation practices. Your food is fresher, safer, and more delicious. Come and indulge in your favorites today!