The Wonders of Shiitake

If you like shiitake mushrooms, you’ve got a friend in I Love Sushi. Our Seattle restaurant has this Japanese favorite in the form of sushi, tempura, and other delightful vegetarian dishes.

For many years, this hearty mushroom has been revered in Asia for both its taste and its medicinal property. The Chinese have been cultivating shiitake for over a thousand years, using it a food and as a remedy for disease, an empowering agent for your chi, and a means to slow the ravages of old age. In a modern laboratory setting, shiitake has been confirmed to feature valuable nutrients and anti-oxidants, helping you balance your bodily nutrition and fight the effects of harmful free radicals in your system. Substances in shiitake can even lower your cholesterol levels and inhibit the growth of cancer tumors. Come and delve into the health secrets of ancient Asia with I Love Sushi today!