The World’s Biggest Sushi Mosaic

A sushi mosaic is an arrangement of sushi that has been placed so that, when viewed from above, the different colors of the different pieces of sushi form a picture. Some people will create particularly elaborate works of art out of their sushi, like the one created by the Taste of Japan Group in Hong Kong.

To celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary, a collection of over one hundred sushi chefs used 20,647 pieces of sushi made with salmon, tuna, and other ingredients to create an image of the number ten. This mosaic covered 37.57 square meters, and was arranged in an ice rink to preserve its freshness. Guinness confirmed this to be the world’s record for the largest sushi mosaic ever made, beating out a 31.59 square meter mosaic created by a Norwegian company back in 2013. After the completion of the mosaic, the public was allowed to taste the sushi for free.

Of course, sushi doesn’t need to be arranged into a picture to leave an impression. Come and sample some of your favorites at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle!