The World’s Largest Sushi Dish

Though most sushi is bite-sized, this Japanese classic can be built to truly epic proportions. Truly, the only limits on how big a piece of sushi can be are the resources and imaginations of those who create it. And, if you visit Umewaka Restaurant in Japan’s Anjo City, you can see the very biggest commercially available sushi in the world.

Umewaka’s famous oversized sushi roll measures a full twenty centimeters in diameter and weighs in at approximately six kilograms. Twenty different kinds of fish and other ingredients are wrapped up in two meters of dried nori seaweed and sushi rice. If you ever manage to make your way over to Japan, you can try the world’s largest sushi dish for only 15,000 yen. However, you will need to plan ahead, since this prodigious makizushi is only available if you call in a reservation two days in advance.

Though you may not be able to order a roll of such size at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, you can still get a meal of great size and quality. Come and try some of your favorite sushi at I Love Sushi tonight!