What Drink Goes with Sushi?

Looking for the right beverage to wash your sushi down? No problem! Our Seattle sushi restaurant has a solid selection of drinks to complement your dining experience, sure to satisfy any craving. And if you need a recommendation for a drink that truly enhances your dinner, we can offer that as well:

With sushi, you want to avoid anything that will overpower the delicate flavors of the rice and the seafood. This is why you want to steer clear of fruity wines and most soft drinks. These drinks are bound to take center stage on your tongue, depriving you of some of the subtlety of your sushi. Ordering these in a Japanese restaurant can make you look like a tourist, or even offend some of the more traditional sushi chefs.

Better selections include tea, beer, and of course sake. The grain and herbal properties of these beverages are better able to mingle with the taste of sushi, rather than cover it up. Traditionally, one would begin with a drink of sake, then move on to a green tea or beer later on.