What is a Bento Box?

At our Seattle Japanese restaurant, we offer a wide selection of モbentosヤ for you to choose from. This is a common way to order Japanese food throughout the US, wherein a complete meal is organized in a box-shaped tray with individual dividers marking off your rice, meat, soup, salad, and other dishes. For us, it represents a good way to get a rich モcomboヤ-style meal at a good value. For Japan, however, a bento means so much more.

Bentos in Japan are the way most people will eat almost all of their meals. These are the lunchboxes that they will bring to school or to work, or indeed the boxes they will order at restaurants. It becomes a status symbol for many, based on how attractive the box is and how appealing the lunch contained within proves to be. Mothers and wives will sometimes lose sleep as they stress over assembling the best bento for their children or husbands, these simple lunches becoming a symbol for just how much they care for their loved ones.

You can get all the best quality food that you can expect from a bento without any of the drama at I Love Sushi. Come on down and enjoy a lunch or dinner box today!