What is Inari?

When you visit I Love Sushi’s Japanese restaurant in Seattle, you might notice a curious little item on our menu under the name inari. This is one of the stranger forms of sushi, and a rather unusual dish for many people in the United States. If you’re looking for something different out of your sushi experience, it comes highly recommended!

Inari, commonly known as inarizushi in Japan, is one of the simplest kinds of sushi. It’s a far cry from what you might expect a piece of sushi to look like, consisting of a brick of sushi rice fried in a casing made of tofu. The result is quite delicious, and is a popular treat for Japanese children. The children like to refer to it as either “brown bag sushi” or “football sushi”, both names coming from the sushi’s distinctive shape. Try it out for yourself at I Love Sushi!