What is “Zushi”?

Occasionally, you may have noticed that the Japanese will use the word “zushi” where you expect to see “sushi”. This will come in the form of compound words like “makizushi”, “inarizushi”, or “edomaezushi”. Some people not familiar with the Japanese language can become confused by this, wondering if this represents an entirely different kind of dish. However, it is nothing more than a manifestation of one of Japanese’s grammar rules.

Japanese requires that certain consonants are changed when they are used as the first letter of a word attached to a prefix. The “S” in “sushi”, for example, needs to be hardened into a “Z” in compound words. This is why you will never see the word “zushi” by itself. Meanwhile, many restaurants in the United States will use terms like “maki sushi” to avoid confusing their largely English-speaking clientele.

Regardless of what form it may take, the sushi at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle are sure to give you a satisfying dining experience. Come and enjoy a few of your favorite dishes today!