What’s a Sushiburger?

Have you ever tried a sushiburger? This bizarre craze has been blowing up around the internet recently. From Facebook to Instagram, people are sharing their pictures of their own take on the trend. Even a few restaurants have started offering their own burgers.

In general, a sushiburger comes in the form of a “patty” of raw fish sitting inside a “bun” of sushi rice, garnished with nori, avocado, roe, mayonnaise, and other classic sushi ingredients. A quintessential intermingling of Japanese food and American food, this fun dish is as much about creating an attractive picture to show off on social media as it is about creating a delicious meal. If you don’t mind a little non-traditional goofiness, it’s not a bad trend to indulge in before the internet gets bored and moves on to the next fad.

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