What’s the Deal with Tobiko?

Have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying tobiko before? If you’re an avid sushi fan, chances are good that you’ve partaken of this delicious sushi standard at least in passing. Coming in the form of the eggs of the tropical flying fish, tobiko represents one of the most prized roe used in the sushi world. You can try tobiko for yourself at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle in the form of our tobiko nigiri, and on assorted other fusion rolls.

If you’ve tried tobiko before, you may have noticed that the eggs will occasionally be served in a variety of different colors. Though tobiko is naturally a striking orange color, some sushi chefs like to infuse it with other ingredients to colorize it and use it to add a splash of artistry to their work. They might use squid ink to turn it black, beet juice to turn it red, yuzu to turn it yellow, or wasabi to turn it green. So don’t be worried if your roe comes out oddly hued; it’s not spoilage, it’s a spark of creativity!