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Seattle Japanese Restaurant Sushi Party Platters

Japanese Sushi Platter

We believe great sushi and a great Seattle Japanese restaurant add up to a great time! I Love Sushi has carefully created a series of mouthwatering party platters, honoring traditional dishes while offering a twist on the favorites. Each platter is a diverse collection of award-winning creations, and will satisfy approximately three to five individuals.

The appetizer platter is an enticing start to your experience at our Seattle sushi restaurant, and presents a sampling of all our favorite starters. The Seattle, rainbow, caterpillar, and dragon platters are smaller assortments of the most popular rolls, and are a great introduction to the world of fine sushi. For groups of more–or hungrier–sushi lovers, the combination and Lake Union platters are larger selections of varied ingredients, all prepared with extraordinary skill and care. Finally, our VIP platter will suit any ardent sushi fans who are eager to experience the full range of our Seattle sushi restaurant’s offerings.

About Our Seattle Sushi Restaurant

If you are looking for an elegant and delicious Japanese restaurant in Seattle, I Love Sushi fits the bill. With premium ingredients assembled by expert chefs, both sushi neophytes and connoisseurs will enjoy a dining experience that is second to none among Seattle sushi restaurants. Contact us today to find out how to book an I Love Sushi chef for your private event.

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