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What is Geoduck?

Geoduck: A Huge Clam?

In the Asian seafood market, there is a great delicacy called geoduck. A single specimen of this oversized clam might run you the equal of forty American dollars overseas. However, as a sushi restaurant in Seattle, I Love Sushi is lucky in this regard. After all, this exotic mollusk is fished primarily out of the Puget Sound, since geoduck is native to the west coast in the United States.

The geoduck is notable as being the very largest known variety of marine bivalve. It has a very unusual appearance, with the living tissues of the clam extending far out of the shell itself. It is much of this protruding portion of the creature, the “neck” of the geoduck, that is used as food; the rest of the creature is useless. The best way to eat it, raw. Some restaurants use it cook, but if it’s fresh, they’ll usually also have the raw option.

Try Geoduck!

If you’ve never tried geoduck before, keep an eye on our weekly specials menu. Our chef periodically makes use of this high-demand delicacy in ways that will make a fan out of any avid seafood connoisseur.

Not All Sushi is Raw

Haven’t tried sushi yet?

Maybe it’s your first time at a sushi restaurant in Seattle and you’re skeptical about eating raw fish. Or, you just avoid sushi in general. Do not fear. I Love Sushi has plenty of cooked options for you to start off with. One of the more popular cooked sushi is the California Roll, which is avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab meat (“kamaboko” or “surimi”) wrapped in rice. That doesn’t sound too bad right?

Next is our sweet and savory eel (“unagi” or “anago”) always comes cooked, as well as most clam sushi. Octopus (“tako”), squid (“ika”), and shrimp (“ebi”) often come grilled, although not always! Some dishes like “sweet shrimp” are uncooked, but don’t be afraid to branch out; the raw fish used in sushi is always frozen beforehand as a way to kill bacteria and parasites.

Try our Sushi Rolls at I Love Sushi Seattle

Still uneasy? Try a crispy tempura sushi, like the Dragon Roll or Spicy Mango Roll. These include cooked meat with a fried, crunchy shell.

I Love Sushi has a variety of cooked options for you on our menu. Simply ask one of our servers to point them out, and we’ll even share with you our favorites. You don’t need to step out of your comfort zone to enjoy the finest sushi restaurant in Seattle.