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The Healthy Protein of Tofu

Tofu has served as a health food for centuries, since the days when Buddhists circulated it among converts as an alternative to meat. Indeed, its chief benefit is that it is a lean and meat-free source of protein. Of course, since there are many plant-based proteins in the world, why has tofu enjoyed such a special reputation?

While it is true that there are many vegan-friendly sources of protein, very few of these qualify as what is called a “complete protein”. To be a complete protein, a food must contain all nine of the different amino acids that the human body requires to stay healthy. An improper understanding of these amino acids has been the downfall of many people trying to maintain a vegetarian diet.

Tofu is special in that it is one of the very few complete proteins that doesn’t come from an animal. The one problem with tofu as a source of protein is that you need to eat more tofu to get all the protein you need. The good news is that there are many great ways to get all the tofu you need at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, including our kitsune roll, our golden tofu roll, our tofu tempura, and more.


If you’ve ever dined in Japan or watched characters sit down for a meal in Japanese cinema, you may have encountered the phrase “itadakimasu” at some point. It is traditional for Japanese diners to make this declaration together before starting a shared meal, similar to saying grace or “bon appetite”. Roughly translated, the word means “I humbly receive this food with appreciation”.

The tradition of reciting “itadakimasu” at the beginning of a meal goes back to Buddhist teachings, which served to shape much of Japan’s culture. According to the Buddhists, one must show respect for all living things. The Japanese will therefore declare “itadakimasu” to show their respect to the chef who cooked the food, the host who provided it, the farmer, fisher, or hunter who produced the food, and even the plants and animals that went into its creation.

At I Love Sushi in Seattle, we provide quality Japanese-inspired dishes crafted by skilled chefs. Come and experience a taste that will make you want to say “itadakimasu” today!