What Sushi do the Japanese Prefer?

Nobody knows sushi like the Japanese, so many people dining at I Love Sushi want to know which of our selections would be the top choice of a Japanese diner. If you would like to eat like Japan does do when you visit our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, try out a few of Japan’s favorites off of our sushi menu.

Asahi conducted a survey of eight hundred thirty adults from all over Japan, asking them to identify their favorite variety of sushi. The top three turned out to be chutoro (medium-fatty tuna) with 15.3%, sake (salmon) at 9%, and maguro akami (red tuna) at 8.8 percent. These were followed by hamachi (yellowtail), ika (squid), ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin), and others. All of these are available at I Love Sushi off our nigiri menu, so come and take a taste of Japan’s favorites for yourself!