The Unagi Tradition

Japanese Freshwater Eel

Have you ever tried unagi? This is a popular item in Japan, and can be found at our Seattle Japanese restaurant in the form of the classic nigiri-sushi topped with that distinctive strip of cooked brown fish.

The word “unagi” describes a particular species of Japanese freshwater eel. It is a rich source of protein, vitamin A, and vitamin E, which has given it a long-standing reputation for granting a diner strength and vigor.

Because of its nutritional properties, eel is often enjoyed during the hot months of summer so as to help the people resist the draining effects of the heat. It is customarily eaten on Doyo no Ushi no Hi, which is the midsummer “Day of the Ox” according to the lunar calendar. This day land on some point in late July.

However, regardless of the heat, unagi is always delicious and always available at I Love Sushi. So come on down for a taste today, and feel the raw power of the Japanese eel!