What is Chirashi Sushi?

What’s the biggest kind of sushi you’ve ever eaten? Was it a particularly elaborate fusion roll, or an overly ambitious piece of shrimp nigiri? Indeed, there is the occasional selection that might take a couple bites to fully consume, but the term “sushi” also applies to some surprisingly large dishes. Such a dish can be found in chirashizushi, like the variety available at our Seattle sushi restaurant.

Chirashizushi, or “chirashi sushi”, can be translated into English as “scattered sushi”. The name comes from the way that pieces of sashimi are “scattered” across the top of a bowl of sushi rice. The end result is something that more closely resembles a donburi than sushi, but, since it is the vinegared rice that gives sushi its name, the word applies just as well. Try one of sushi’s more unusual incarnations at I Love Sushi today!