Japanese Thank You’s

8Do you ever want to express your gratitude to your itamae, but don’t know the right words to do so? Even if he or she doesn’t speak a word of English, it’s easy enough to say “thank you” to your sushi chef. Keep the following terms in mind in the event that you want to thank your itamae in Japanese:

  • Arigato (Ah-ree-gah-toe): A standard “thank you”.
  • Domo (Doe-moe): A less polite, more informal “thank you”.
  • Domo arigato: A more polite variation on “arigato”, roughly the equivalent of “thank you very much”.
  • Domo sumimasen (Soo-mi-ma-sen): A very polite “thank you”. This term is used while you are engaged in an activity.
  • Domo arigato gozaimasu (Go-zai-ma-soo): Another way to say “domo sumimasen”.
  • Domo arigato gozaimasta (Go-zai-ma-sta): Similar to “domo arigato gozaimasu”, but said after you have finished a meal or activity.
  • Oishii (Oh-ee-shee): “Delicious”.
  • Oishikatta desu (Oh-ee-shee-kah-tah de-su): “It was delicious”.

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