How is Nori Farmed?

What is Nori?

Nori is edible seaweed species that is often used in Eastern Asian cuisines and of course, sushi!

Our sushi restaurant in Seattle could hardly function without the Japanese seaweed known as nori. It’s a big part of a lot of the food in Japan, most recognizably in the form of the dried strips that hold much of the sushi together. For this reason, the country has mastered the complex art of farming the seaweed.

Demand for Nori

In order to meet the great demand for nori, Japan makes use of 230 square miles of coastal waters to put out a full 350,000 tons of the seaweed each year. The nori farmers spread large nets out on the surface of the water, then seed them with the seaweed. The nori grows quickly, and is ready for harvest in only forty-five days. After harvest, the nori will be shredded, dried, and roasted, after which it is ready to wrap around the sushi we all know and love.