Seattle’s Favorite Food?

If somebody asked you what Seattle’s signature dish was, what would you say? What is the Seattle equivalent of the Philadelphia cheesesteak or the New York pizza? It might surprise you, but one of the biggest contenders for the Favorite Food of Seattle title is available right here at our Seattle Japanese restaurant in the form of the humble teriyaki.

The story of teriyaki in the US is a large part of the story of Asian America, which traces deep roots throughout the city of Seattle. Since the beginning of the Nihonbashi district back in the early nineteen hundreds, Japanese Americans have been using Seattle as a nexus from which their culture would surge into the hearts and minds of the rest of the country. Teriyaki helped to introduce a picky American society to the strange food of their Eastern neighbors, and the city’s relationship with the dish hasn’t diminished since.

Today, the number of restaurants featuring the word “Teriyaki” in their names has surpassed five-hundred statewide, over one hundred of which are located within the city limits of Seattle. So come and celebrate this subtle Seattle tradition with I Love Sushi, and enjoy a classic teriyaki dish today!